White House ‘Strongly Opposes’ Senate Resolution Against Clean Power Plan

The White House today issued a statement of administration policy for S.J.Res. 24, saying it “strongly opposes” the resolution that would repeal aspects of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan.

“The resolution would impede efforts to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants – the largest source of carbon pollution in the country – when the need to act, and to act quickly, to mitigate climate change impacts on American communities has never been more clear,” the Office of Management and Budget wrote in the statement. “Because S.J.Res. 24 threatens the health and economic welfare of future generations by blocking important standards to reduce carbon pollution from the power sector that take a flexible, common sense approach to addressing carbon pollution, if the President were presented with S.J.Res. 24, he would veto the bill.”

Morning Consult