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Rand Paul’s Supporters May Split Between Cruz and Trump

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump could be the biggest benefactors from Rand Paul’s exit from the GOP nominee race Wednesday, according to Morning Consult polling analysis.

Eighteen percent of Paul’s former supporters said Cruz was their second choice pick in January, and 17 percent picked Trump. Thirteen percent said Ben Carson was their second choice, while Sen. Marco Rubio got 11 percent of the second choice slots. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush got ten percent.

 Ted CruzDonald TrumpBen CarsonMarco RubioJeb BushDon't Know/Other
Paul's Supporters18%17%13%11%10%31%

Morning Consult asked 5,456 registered Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters, including 181 Rand Paul supporters, for their first and second choice in the Republican presidential primary across four separate national polls conducted in January 2016.