Romney Speech Had Minimal Effect on Trump Support, Poll Shows

A new Morning Consult poll finds that Mitt Romney’s speech last week condemning Donald Trump apparently had very little effect on the GOP front-runner.

Thirty-one percent of GOP voters said they were more likely to vote for Trump, while 20 percent said less likely, and 43 percent said it had no impact either way.

The poll, which was conducted March 4 through March 6, also finds that only five percent of Trump supporters said they are now less likely to vote for Trump. And, of those who voted for Romney in 2012, 30 percent said they were more likely to vote for Trump, compared to 20 percent who said less likely. Nearly half (48 percent) said it wouldn’t affect their vote either way.

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 Total More LikelyTotal Less LikelyNo Impact Either
Don’t Know / No
Total Respondents21%25%48%6%
GOP Voters31%20%43%6%
Trump Supporters56%5%36%4%
Voted for Romney in 201230%20%48%2%

The survey also shows GOP voters slightly prefer Trump to Romney: The brash New Yorker has a 55-42 favorability rating, compared to a 51-41 split for the former Massachusetts governor.

When it comes to both sides of the aisle, Trump’s ratings are 35 percent favorable and 61 percent unfavorable, while Romney is at 35 percent favorable and 51 percent unfavorable.

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