AMA Says New Health Policy Must Maintain Coverage for All Currently Covered

The American Medical Association’s House of Delegates vowed Tuesday to work with the incoming Trump administration and Congress on health care reform, but said any new reforms shouldn’t result in people losing coverage.

“A core principle is that any new reform proposal should not cause individuals currently covered to become uninsured,” the group said in a statement. “We will also advance recommendations to support the delivery of high quality patient care. Policymakers have a notable opportunity to also reduce excessive regulatory burdens that diminish physicians’ time devoted to patient care and increase costs.”

The group added that it was committed to improving health insurance so patients can access high quality and affordable care. The group released a policy framework, noting they would advocate for expanding insurance coverage and choice.

Additionally, the group says it will also advocate to make sure policies offered through insurance exchanges, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care offer wide provider networks. They’re also focused on encouraging prescription drug price and cost transparency.

“The new AMA policy acknowledges the carte blanche approach to drug pricing needs to change to align with the health system’s drive for high-quality care based on value,” AMA President Andrew Gurman said in a separate statement. “This transformation should support drug prices based on overall benefit to patients compared to alternatives for treating the same condition. We need to have the full picture to assess a drug’s true value to patients and the health care system.”

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