Council of Economic Advisers Report Defends Obamacare Progress

The White House Council of Economic Advisers said in a report released Tuesday that the U.S. has made “historic progress” under the Obama administration when it comes to expanding access to health insurance and reforming how care is delivered.

“The six years since the ACA became law have seen very encouraging trends in both health care costs and health care quality,” the report says, referring to the Affordable Care Act and citing the slower growth of health care costs and indications of higher quality of care.

Every state and demographic group has seen improvements in coverage and the health system, Jason Furman, chairman of the council, said Tuesday on a press call. With important health policy debates already underway, we think it’s critical for people to have the information they need to understand how the ACA has affected American lives,” he said.

The report argues that early evidence shows the coverage gains also have economic benefits, such as strengthening financial security and reducing the levels of uncompensated care. It also says the delivery system reforms advanced during the Obama administration have helped the private sector.

Morning Consult