Trump Says GOP Helping Dems by Repealing Obamacare

PHILADELPHIA – President Donald Trump said it would be better politically to delay action on repealing the Affordable Care Act, but that the GOP had “no choice” but to act in order to protect the American people.

Trump, speaking to Republican lawmakers, said he’d considered “doing nothing” to address the health care law for two years and that Democrats would “come begging to do something.”

“We’re taking them out of a big jam. We’re putting ourselves at risk to a certain extent,” Trump told Republicans gathered in Philadelphia for their annual policy retreat. “If we waited two years, it’s going to explode like you’ve never seen an explosion.”

Trump made similar comments in an interview Wednesday, citing rising insurance premiums in many states as a reason to take action on the ACA.

Negotiations are ongoing on Capitol Hill as lawmakers are working on replacement plans. Two different such bills were introduced in the Senate this week. But some lawmakers, including Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), are waiting to see Trump’s proposals before acting.

Trump did not offer new details of what he’d like to see in a replacement plan during his remarks Thursday, which lasted less than 30 minutes.

In an interview with ABC News Wednesday, Trump pledged his health plan was “going to be better health care for more people at a lesser cost.”

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