Morning Consult Debuts Brand Intelligence

Morning Consult Brand Intelligence Conducts More Than 60,000 Survey Interviews on Every Consumer-Facing Fortune 500 and Global 500 Brand

Morning Consult today debuted Brand Intelligence — a technology platform that harnesses Morning Consult’s market leading survey research capabilities to track public perception of more than 500 consumer-facing brands. Powered by 60,000 survey interviews per brand per year along with social media, economic and news media data, Morning Consult Brand Intelligence is now the most comprehensive brand tracking tool available on the market.

“Morning Consult Brand Intelligence is a powerful platform that allows companies to track brand performance every day,” said Morning Consult CEO & Co Founder Michael Ramlet. “Marketing and communications executives can now identify key demographic targets and evaluate geographic trends in a way that has never been possible before.”

Morning Consult Brand Intelligence tracks public perception of consumer-facing Fortune 500 and global Fortune 500 companies by interviewing a nationally representative sample of 200 adults per day for each brand, leading to more than 60,000 annual interviews. Interview respondents rate the brand on a number of metrics, including favorability, purchasing intent, community impact, admired employer, and buzz. The scale and frequency lends itself to detailed analytics into more than 35 demographics, including gender, age, income, ethnicity, region, 2016 vote choice, and tracking down to the state and DMA level.

The platform also tracks social media, news and economic data, pulling from Twitter’s Gnip and Lexis Nexus, and tracking brand reputation and recall on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

“We wanted to build a platform that truly gave a 360-degree view of what people are thinking, seeing and saying about the world’s biggest brands,” said Ramlet. “Brand Intelligence not only gives you a daily view of your brand’s reputation, but it’s a vital tool for strategic planning or crisis communications.”

Morning Consult Brand Intelligence will be sold on a subscription basis, with clients receiving access to the entire database of companies and brands. Eighteen companies have already signed up for Brand Intelligence ahead of today’s public launch.

WIRED has the first look at Brand Intelligence here:

Morning Consult Brand Intelligence is available at Press walkthroughs are available by request. Please contact Jeff Cartwright at or 763-234-7431 for access.

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