Morning Consult Expands Data Intelligence Collection into Italy, South Korea and Spain

NEW YORK — MAY 27, 2020 — Morning Consult, the leader in global data intelligence, today announced daily brand and economic data tracking in Italy, South Korea and Spain.

The expansion into these three countries builds on the company’s current data intelligence collection in 12 countries — the United States, China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, India, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Australia and Mexico.

“One thing is certain in this era of uncertainty: real-time insights on brands, economics and politics are essential in understanding the pandemic’s global impact,” said Michael Ramlet, co-founder and CEO of Morning Consult. 

International data is available through the company’s proprietary technology platforms: its flagship product Morning Consult Brand Intelligence (MCBI) features daily tracking of key brand metrics for nearly 4,000 brands, and Morning Consult Economic Intelligence (MCEI) spotlights daily consumer confidence values. 

The company has been at the forefront of tracking how consumers are reacting to the pandemic and how the dramatic change in our lives is reshaping the economy, consumer spending, and consumers’ relationship with brands. Since MCEI’s international launch in March, its data has been cited by the Federal Reserve and adopted by major central banks around the world.

Morning Consult recently raised a $31 million Series A funding round to further accelerate its transformation of the market research industry, including international expansion of its data intelligence collection.

About Morning Consult

Morning Consult is a global data intelligence company delivering insights on what people think in real time. By surveying tens of thousands across the globe every single day, Morning Consult is unmatched in scale and speed: It determines the true measure of what people think and how their decisions impact business, politics and the economy. Industry leaders rely on Morning Consult’s proprietary technology and analysis for real-time, intelligent data to transform information into a competitive advantage.


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