A Guide to Decision Intelligence for Business Leaders
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September 27, 2022 at 9:00 am ET

With markets and world economies dynamically shifting at unprecedented speed, organizations need to make data-driven decisions faster than ever before. But for many, leveraging a partner that can pair artificial intelligence with real-time survey research data is aspirational at best. 

Morning Consult is the market leader in the Decision Intelligence category, and we’re mission-driven to help leaders make these decisions at scale and with the speed necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. What is Decision Intelligence?

  2. How does Decision Intelligence work?

  3. How does Morning Consult help business leaders make data-driven decisions?

  4. How are real business leaders implementing Decision Intelligence?

    1. Corporate Finance

    2. Marketing and Communications

    3. Insights

  5. How to schedule a conversation about Decision Intelligence

What is Decision Intelligence? 

Simply put, Decision Intelligence is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to data and using the outputs to guide business decisions. The discipline is sometimes called AI decision-making. 

Quality data is critical to this formula. As the saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.” In the realm of data-driven decisions, this means that even the strongest AI applications cannot make up for low-quality data. The results of poorly designed research are unreliable and potentially harmful. For instance, faulty labor data could lead to unnecessary layoffs; inaccurate economic data could result in too much product in some stores, not enough in others. Incomplete polling data could even sway voters in later time zones. 

How does Decision Intelligence work?

Decision Intelligence works differently from either conventional market research or simple business intelligence. The approach combines academic decision theories (e.g., cognitive bias in decision-making, decision analysis and situational awareness) with artificial intelligence and other analytical tools (e.g., machine learning, natural language processing and predictive modeling). Instead of simply presenting insights, the results actually help people make faster, future-oriented and data-driven decisions.

How does Morning Consult help business leaders make data-driven decisions?

1. At Morning Consult, our approach to Decision Intelligence starts with high-frequency, high-quality data. Working together with our clients, we identify the right audience, the right survey instrument, and the right timing and cadence for collecting data.

2. Next our client services team gathers the insights, either by conducting custom research or delving into Morning Consult’s Intelligence platform.

3. Then we work with clients on the application. As a field, Decision Intelligence is not about removing humans from business decisions. Rather, it’s about augmenting the decision-making process with insights that illuminate the best way forward.

Morning Consult Walmart Case Study

How are real business leaders implementing Decision Intelligence?

Decision Intelligence can improve outcomes in all areas of a business or organization. The exact strategy will depend on context, your category, business and needs. Here are a few examples of our own clients in corporate finance, marketing, communications and insights:


Corporate Finance


  • A multinational food company sought foresight into how consumer demand would be affected by the pandemic, as well as how it could attract and retain factory workers to meet demand. This client’s solution had three parts: monitor consumer sentiment to forecast demand, track supply chain issues to maximize profits and efficiency, and track labor trends among core employee segments

  • A global fintech company needed to understand small-business owners’ views on current and future financial conditions during the pandemic. The company set up an ongoing index with Morning Consult to track small businesses shifting to digital commerce and investing in technology upgrades.


Marketing and Communications


  • A preeminent social media company surveyed Gen Z to help develop in-app educational resources in response to the fentanyl crisis.

  • A leading ride-hailing company conducted an open-ended analysis through our NLP capabilities to understand consumer concerns about self-driving vehicles.

  • A global consumer electronics company and its creative agency designed a custom campaign effectiveness program with us, using the results to build benchmarks for success and refine messaging strategy for future campaigns around the world.



  • A multinational technology corporation sought to better understand the deployment of artificial intelligence in business through surveying professionals in 15 markets who have significant insights into their company’s IT decision-making.

  • A leading video communications technology company monitored feedback from government employees who use audio and video communications platforms in a work setting at least once a month to better understand government sector adoption at the federal, state and local level.

Ready to schedule a conversation about Decision Intelligence?

At Morning Consult, we believe all organizations will one day use Decision Intelligence to make data-driven decisions. The only question for companies today is when you will start. 

Schedule a conversation to discuss how Morning Consult’s Decision Intelligence can offer insights today for tomorrow’s decisions.

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