Morning Consult is a media and technology company at the intersection of politics, policy, Wall Street and business strategy

We are committed to keeping the country’s leaders informed. Our journalism seeks out the stories and news that are shaping industry and government. Our polling and data science analyzes trends and facts on the most important issues, and we use technology to bring powerful tools to the decision-makers who are shaping the future.

What We Do



More than 200,000 government and industry leaders rely on Morning Consult’s original reporting and morning email briefings to deliver comprehensive coverage of campaigns and Congress as well as the energy, finance, health and tech industries.

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Polling & Data Science

Polling & Data Science

Morning Consult’s polling and data science division produces in-depth market research and public opinion data on everything from political campaigns to Fortune 500 companies. Since 2013, our team of data scientists have conducted more than 100 polls with more than 250,000 Americans.

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Morning Consult Intelligence

Morning Consult Intelligence

Tap into what the country is thinking, seeing and saying with Morning Consult Intelligence. The database tracks polling, market research, media coverage and social analytics on the biggest companies, leaders, issues and ideas.

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Our Story

Morning Consult was never supposed to be a company. But in a few short years, we have grown from a small healthcare email into a company that covers the intersection of government and the country’s most important industries.

Committed to improving the way leaders access and use vital information, Morning Consult has expanded into the political, energy, finance, health, and tech sectors, conducted over 100 public opinion polls with over 250,000 Americans, and worked with over 75 trade associations and Fortune 500 firms from across the country.

Who We Are

Michael Ramlet

Cofounder & CEO

Meghan McCarthy


Kyle Dropp

Cofounder & Chief Research Officer

Paul Cenoz

General Counsel

Max Courtney

Director of Business Development

ShaNez Mulliner

Director of Operations

Alex Dulin

Data Scientist

Jeff Cartwright

Director of Communications

Zach Koerber

Director of Business Development

Fawn Johnson

Chief Policy Editor

Timothy R. Homan


Cameron Easley

Managing Editor

Kaitlin Kovach

Deputy Editor

Rob Kunzig

Staff Photographer & Columns Editor

James Wyatt

Polling Director

Tyler Sinclair

Polling Director

James Byess

Web Developer/Product Director

Travis Byrum

Data Scientist

Olivia Duckworth

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Jack Fitzpatrick


Asha Glover


Libby Isenstein

Associate Creative Director

Tara Jeffries

Finance Reporter

Mary Ellen McIntire


Amir Nasr


Caitlin Owens


Cody Parrish

Project Manager

Adam Petrihos

Polling Analyst

Ryan Rainey


Jon Reid


Megan Waring

Operations Coordinator

Eli Yokley

Political Reporter