Brennan Sees ‘Some’ Effort From Chinese to Cut Back on Intellectual Property Theft

Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan said that while intellectual property theft from Chinese entities has not ended, he has seen “some effort by the Chinese government to follow through on some of the commitments they provided in political channels.”

Brennan’s comments, made Thursday at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, referred to an understanding struck between President Barack Obama and China President Xi Jinping in September where the two leaders agreed that neither would “conduct or knowingly support” cyber threats of intellectual property for commercial gain.

“I continue to be concerned about the cyber capabilities that reside within China as well as the actions that some continue to undertake,” Brennan said.

“There are a lot of entities, people, organizations within china, some of them operating as part of the Chinese government, some parastatal working basically on contract,” Brennan added. “Therefore we are exceptionally vigilant about all the different attack vectors that individuals or countries could attempt to use in order to penetrate our systems and networks and databases, whether they be government systems or private sector to steal intellectual property.”

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