CDC Eases Zika Guidance for Miami-Dade County Neighborhood

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday lifted a travel advisory that had told pregnant women to avoid traveling to the Wynwood, Fla., neighborhood in Miami-Dade County.

The CDC’s announcement came a few hours after Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared Wynwood, a neighborhood just north of downtown Miami where a roughly one-square-mile zone had been declared to be at risk for mosquitos to transmit the virus, as Zika-free.

Pregnant women and their partners should continue to take steps to prevent mosquito bites when visiting the area and may consider delaying nonessential travel to the county if they are concerned about potential exposure to the Zika virus, the CDC now says.

“We encourage people not to let down their guard. We could see additional cases,” CDC Director Tom Frieden said. “People living in or visiting Miami-Dade County, particularly pregnant women, are encouraged to continue to take steps to prevent mosquito bites and to follow guidelines for preventing sexual transmission.”

The travel advisory to the Wynwood neighborhood was the first time the CDC warned Americans not to visit a U.S. neighborhood because of an infectious disease outbreak.

The Florida Department of Health last week expanded the area where local transmission of the virus is happening on Miami Beach to cover about 4.5 miles.

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