CDC Lengthens Suggested Time Couples With Zika Risk Should Wait Before Pregnancy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says couples with possible Zika risk should wait much longer before trying to get pregnant.

The agency said Friday that couples in which the man has possibly been exposed to Zika but is not displaying symptoms should wait six months before trying to get pregnant, rather than eight weeks as the agency previously advised.

The CDC also said men with possible Zika exposure but no symptoms should use a condom or abstain from sex for six months after the last possible virus exposure, also up from the previously-advised eight weeks.

“The updated recommendations incorporate what’s been learned since the previous guidance was released,” a CDC release says. “The new time period for couples to wait to attempt conception when the man has possible Zika exposure but no symptoms are expected to minimize the risk of sexual transmission around the time of conception and prevent possible early fetal exposure to the Zika virus.”

As of this week, the CDC has reported 3,625 cases of Zika virus in the U.S. and 22,069 cases in U.S. territories.

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