China Criticizes Trump’s Stance on Climate Again

China criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s stance on the Paris climate agreement a second time on Friday, the day the agreement formally went into force.

Zou Ji, deputy director of China’s National Centre for Climate Change Strategy, told reporters the U.S. would hurt its standing in the world by reneging on the promises it made in Paris last December, Reuters reported.

“If Trump were to insist on doing things his own way, then he would pay a heavy price both politically and diplomatically,” Zou said.

“The U.S. would suffer the greatest harm and of course, the rest of the world would also be implicated,” he added.

Trump has said he would “cancel” the Paris agreement and repeal the Obama administration’s greenhouse gas-cutting Clean Power Plan if elected.

On Tuesday, when asked about Trump, Chinese climate envoy Xie Zhenhua said, “If they resist this trend, I don’t think they’ll win the support of their people, and their country’s economic and social progress will also be affected.”

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