Whoever Wins in November, Climate Change Isn’t Going Away, Says Envoy

The U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change said whoever enters the White House next year will have to address climate change.

Jonathan Pershing said foreign officials often ask about the election, but he doesn’t think addressing climate change will be a problem no matter who enters office, ClimateWire reported on Tuesday. It’s a big enough problem that dealing with it will be inevitable for each party’s presumptive presidential nominee, he said.

“To me, there’s more likely to be continuity no matter who’s in office,” Pershing said in the ClimateWire interview, adding: “The priorities are very different – we certainly have heard different messages” from the candidates.

In the same month that Americans elect a new president, the Conference of Parties will meet in Morocco for the first major talks since the signing of a sweeping climate accord in Paris last year. The U.S. signed on to that agreement.



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