Clinton Rolls Out Plan to Use Federal Land for Renewable Energy

Hillary Clinton wants to increase renewable energy generation on public lands and in offshore water, the Democratic presidential hopeful wrote in an op-ed published in The Mercury News on Wednesday.

“Now, as we work to combat climate change and build America into the world’s clean energy superpower, our public lands can once again play a key role in unlocking the resources we need,” Clinton wrote. “While protecting sensitive areas where development poses too great a risk, we can accelerate our transition to a clean energy economy by increasing renewable energy generation on public lands and offshore waters tenfold within a decade.”

Clinton’s plan for federal lands also includes goals to double the national outdoor economy in the next 10 years and produce up to $700 billion in new economic activity, increase federal investment in water conservation, and establish a trust fund to support parks and public lands.

Clinton also said she would work to make sure new lands and monuments represent America’s diversity and include more women, minorities and members of the LGBT community.

The op-ed, published in a San Jose newspaper, comes less than a week before the state heads to its June 7 primary.

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