Consumer Advocates to Present Prescription Drug Access Recommendations This Weekend

Consumer representatives to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners released a report Friday offering recommendations to policymakers and regulators to promote access to affordable prescription drugs.

The representatives are set to present the recommendations Sunday at the NAIC’s national meeting in San Diego. The report includes recommendations that the authors hope state and federal lawmakers will consider to increase access to pharmaceuticals.

“State lawmakers and regulators have long led the way in adopting health reform and policy changes that make a real difference for consumers,” Debra Judy, policy director at Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and an NAIC consumer representative, said in a statement. “Access to prescription drugs is no different: As this report shows, state policymakers can play an important role in providing consumers with affordable medications.”

The recommendations include limiting the number of drug tiers that insurers can use, limiting how much consumers can pay through co-insurance programs, for example, for prescription drugs and prohibit mid-year formulary changes for prescription drugs.

The report comes as national criticism of the high cost of prescription drugs peaked again this week over the price of EpiPens.

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