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CrowdStrike CEO: No Way to Definitively Prove Russia’s Involvement in DNC Hack

The head of the cybersecurity firm leading an in-depth probe into the hack of the Democratic National Committee said his company is confident the Russian government was involved in the cyberattack, but that it’s impossible to be certain.

“We talk about having high confidence, but there’s no absolute in cybersecurity,” CrowdStrike Chief Executive George Kurtz said in an interview Monday on Bloomberg TV. Kurtz said his firm’s report speaks for itself, “and people can read into that whatever they like.”

Unnamed FBI investigators and U.S. intelligence officials have said they have a high level of confidence that Russian intelligence agencies are culpable in the cyberattack, according to several recent media reports.

Kurtz hedged when asked whether “Guccifer 2.0” — a hacker or group of hackers taking responsibility for a series of Democratic Party cyberattacks — is a Russian smoke screen.

“It could be a bit of a red herring,” said Kurtz, adding that his firm’s investigation only proves it is “not outside the realm of possibilities” for the Russians or another entity to be feeding the stolen information to other actors on the internet.