EPA: 2015 Cars Average 24.8 Miles per Gallon

Passenger vehicles and light trucks had an average fuel economy of 24.8 miles per gallon in model year 2015, according to an Environmental Protection Agency report released Wednesday.

The average is 0.5 miles per gallon more than the 2014 average, and 5.5 miles per gallon more than the 2004 average, according to the report.

Mazda had the highest average, at 29.4 miles per gallon. And Fiat-Chrysler had the lowest, at 20.8 miles per gallon.

The vehicles also averaged a carbon dioxide emissions rate of 358 grams per mile, an 8 gram-per-mile decrease from 2014. It’s also a 103 gram-per-mile decrease, down 22 percent, since 2004.

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