Flint Lawmaker Calls for Probe Into Lead Poisoning Drug Price Hike

Rep. Dan Kildee wants Congress to investigate Valeant Pharmaceuticals’ decision to increase the price of  a drug used to treat lead poisoning.

The Michigan Democrat represents Flint, Mich., where the water was contaminated with lead over the past year, but his call echoes those of other lawmakers who have targeted drug companies for sudden price increases on specialty products over the last year or so.

Valeant, which lawmakers on both sides of Capitol Hill have targeted this year, reportedly raised the price of medicine for acute lead poisoning from $900 to $27,000 per treatment earlier this month.

“Valeant’s price gouging for this life altering drug is corporate greed at its worse,” Kildee said in a statement, released Wednesday. “Valeant is taking advantage of these children, who will struggle with the effects of lead poisoning for the rest of their lives, for the sake of corporate profit. The lack of compassion is inexcusable, and I call on Congress to investigate this disturbing practice immediately.”