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Freedom Partners Poll: Majority of Adults Oppose ‘Insurer Bailout’

A majority of American adults oppose a potential “bailout” of the insurance industry, according to a poll released today by Freedom Partners.

Of those surveyed, 55 percent of adults said they were opposed to the administration using taxpayer money to direct funds to insurance companies reporting losses on the Affordable Care Act markets. The conservative group last month launched a preemptive campaign urging lawmakers not to approve funds for such a bailout.

“America is headed down a path of becoming a two-tiered society, thanks in large part to cronyism and corporate welfare policies that rig the system at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers,” James Davis, the group’s executive vice president said in a statement. “That’s exactly what these bailouts represent, and it’s not surprising to see a majority of people oppose them.”

After hearing more information about the context surrounding a potential bailout from Freedom Partners, more respondents said they were opposed to such a bailout. When told that the Obama administration “ignored” a provision of the Affordable Care Act and did not divert $5 billion collected from insurance companies to the Treasury Department, 59 percent of respondents said they opposed a bailout. The Government Accountability Office last week said the administration had erred in their interpretation of the law and that the Treasury should have received that funding.

And when told the administration is considering “working around Congress” to settle lawsuits from insurance companies that did not receive payments stemming from a shortfall in the risk corridors program, 58 percent of respondents said they opposed a bailout.

Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of those polled said they believed legislators “should focus on fixing actual problems with health care rather than using taxpayer money to financially support insurance companies that are losing money as a result of the Affordable Care Act” rather than stabilizing insurance companies under the 2010 health care law.

“Americans want real solutions that actually improve the quality of health care and make it more affordable — not more taxpayer-funded bailouts,” Davis said.