House GOP Leaders Unveil September Agenda

House Republican leaders next month will seek a short-term spending patch to keep the government running in the fall, in addition to finding a way forward on Zika funding and other priorities outlined in a memo sent Wednesday to the GOP conference.

“Once we return, Conference discussions will continue on overall government funding, including a Continuing Resolution and a path forward for the $1.1 billion supplemental funding package to address the Zika crisis that the House passed on June 23, 2016,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said in the memo.

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GOP leaders are also planning a legislative response to the revelation that the Obama administration made a $400 million payment to Iran contingent on securing the release of four American hostages. 

“The House is also expected to consider a number of measures related to anti-terrorism and Iran including, but not limited to, a legislative response to the Administration’s $400 million cash ransom (or ‘leverage’ ) payment to Iran and H.R. 5461, the Iranian Leadership Asset Transparency Act (Poliquin), which requires reporting on the financial assets acquired by Iranian leaders,” McCarthy said.

Criminal justice reform was not mentioned in the memo, contrary to Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) remarks in July saying the House would vote take up the issue in September. McCarthy’s office said more “member education” was required on a potential overhaul before it sees floor action.

Instead, the memo indicated that votes are planned on several parts of House Republicans’ agenda project for 2017. 

Votes will also be held on a ‘innovation’ initiative being spearheaded by McCarthy.

“While House Republicans developed this bold agenda as a blueprint for 2017 and beyond, I believe we can and should make a down payment immediately—particularly in the areas of restoring Constitutional authority and regulatory reform,” McCarthy said.

The memo said there could also be action on the annual defense authorization, “reauthorization of career and technical education programs, and protecting seniors from a harmful Obamacare tax.”

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