Hoyer Supports End-of-Year Omnibus

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer on Tuesday cast doubt on Congress being able to pass all appropriations bills separately as congressional leaders have aimed to do this year. 

“I do not expect the appropriations process to be done. I think there will be any very, very few — if any — bills that get to the president,” the No. 2 House Democrat told reporters on Capitol Hill. “And the president has so far indicated that he’s going to veto the bills that have passed the House.”

The Maryland Democrat is still holding out hope that Congress will pass an omnibus spending package in December, rather than a full-year continuing resolution. 

“You should have almost been through passing the appropriations bills, and we’re not even close to that,” he said. “So I suspect and would be for an omnibus as opposed to a CR in December. I think we ought to do what we did last year at worst.”