Industry, Government Push Internet of Things to Improve Transportation in Cities

Public-private partnerships that introduce Internet of Things technology such as autonomous vehicles can improve transportation in U.S. cities, according to witnesses at a Senate hearing Tuesday.

“Cars will become known as data centers on wheels,” Doug Davis, senior vice president and general manager at Intel Corp. said at a hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Transportation.

Davis, one of five experts discussing the use of self-driving vehicles to help make cities more efficient, said his company is making investments in autonomous vehicles, which he said can help cities solve infrastructure problems such as traffic and harmful emissions.

Seleta Reynolds, general manager at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, said some of the biggest challenges to incorporating the Internet of Things in cities is getting tech talent on municipal government payrolls.

“We don’t have the skill sets inside government,” Reynolds said.

Sen. Cory Booker, ranking member of the subcommittee and former mayor of Newark, N.J., said procurement is one of the biggest problems cities have. He emphasized the need for the the federal government to work better with private companies on tech issues.

“I get very annoyed when I watch other countries who are beginning to out-innovate us,” Booker said.

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