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Inhofe: Obama’s International Climate Promises Were Hollow, Will Be Undone

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) repeated a warning on Wednesday to international leaders that the U.S. will back out of its commitments under the Paris climate agreement.

Inhofe, an outspoken opponent of climate regulations, released a statement saying he expects the incoming Trump administration to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat, implying he won’t pick someone who would possibly support the legality of the the Clean Power Plan. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has yet to rule on the plan, but the Supreme Court has already issued a stay on it.

The plan was created under the Clean Air Act rather than being passed as its own legislation through Congress.

“Americans do not support it when their president sidesteps Congress,” Inhofe said in a statement. “They also do not support economically damaging mandates that have no measurable impact to climate change. The president’s ‘commitment’ has been opposed by the majority of Congress and its legal soundness is questioned by the Supreme Court.”

Inhofe added that Obama’s actions on climate change, which have been cast as a major part of his presidential legacy, were practically on the ballot in the presidential race.

“President Obama’s climate legacy has been solidified with Tuesday’s election results and will be remembered for being built on hollow commitments,” Inhofe said.