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Punishment for Sit-In Coming in ‘Near Future,’ McCarthy Says

More than two months after House Democrats staged a 26-hour “sit-in” on the chamber floor the Republican majority’s refusal to hold votes on gun-control measure, GOP leaders are still considering how to punish them.

Speaking Tuesday with reporters, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said “there were a number of rules broken,” and even Democrats he has talked to over the long recess have said they expected Republican leaders to retaliate.

“That’s not how our democracy works, and I think you will see appropriate action taken in the very near future,” the California Republican said.

Republicans began investigating whether rules were broken in early July. Since Congress left in the middle of that month, McCarthy said leaders had not had much time to consider how they would respond, pointing to two weeks of major party conventions and the August recess.

“Just as everything else, we hope justice works in America, that you don’t just slam down without investigations,” he said. “It happened in a short time period,” and added that he expects it to continue in the near-term.

House Democrats took to the floor, quite literally, on June 22 in response to the fact that Republicans would not allow a vote on bipartisan legislation sponsored by Reps. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and Mike Thompson (D-Calif.). Democrats coined the mantra, “no bill, no break,” but left the floor after more than a day and ultimately went on their break.

In talks with reporters Tuesday, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) reiterated that lawmakers should pass legislation that would bar individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing guns.