Richard Burr Will Campaign With Trump in North Carolina

Republican Sen. Richard Burr wants no distance between himself and the likely Republican presidential nominee, telling a local news station Thursday he would campaign with Donald Trump if he goes to North Carolina.

“I’ve supported Donald Trump. I’ll campaign with Donald Trump in North Carolina,” he said. “I’m supportive of his presidency and I believe what America needs is new leadership. We don’t need a third term of Barack Obama.”

Burr is being challenged for re-election by former state Rep. Deborah Ross, a Democrat whose supporters, like those of other challengers this cycle, have done their best to tie him to controversial statements made by GOP’s standard bearer.

Burr said he did not believe there would be a problem with “party unity,” despite deep, public division embodied in GOP figures such as former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and freshman Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse.

“There’s plenty of time for unity to be found,” he said.

Earlier this year, The Associated Press reported that Burr told attendees at a private fundraiser he would rather vote for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, than Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. His campaign vehemently denied the report.