Rove-Aligned Group Splashing $16 Million on New Hampshire Senate Race

The Granite State Solutions PAC – a political action fund aligned with a network of organizations linked to Republican operative Karl Rove – said it will drop nearly $16 million in New Hampshire over the next two months in an effort to help Sen. Kelly Ayotte win re-election.

On Thursday, the group announced its first television commercial targeting Gov. Maggie Hassan, the Democrat running against Ayotte, for votes she took in the New Hampshire state Senate that sought to raise taxes.

To continue a theme that’s appeared elsewhere this election – most notably by the likes of Donald Trump – the PAC even coined a monicker to apply to her: “Taxin’ Hassan.”

Ian Prior – a spokesman for the PAC who leads communications for other Rove-aligned super PACs, such as One Nation and the Senate Leadership Fund (which has close ties to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) – said her votes for “over 100 tax and fee increases” make her “just another big government liberal.”

The first 30-second spot will begin airing in Boston, Manchester, Portland and Burlington, the group said, as part of its larger spending plan through the end of the election.

By the end of July, the group had only raised $535,200 – most of which came from Jay Faison, a North Carolina financier.

Polls show a tight race between Hassan and Ayotte, in a state where voters have already been exposed to millions in ad spending by the competitors. A CBS News survey conducted last month showed Hassan leading by just one point.

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