Sierra Club Endorses Clinton

The Sierra Club on Thursday endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

The endorsement follows the presumptive Democratic nominee’s wins in California, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota during Tuesday’s primaries. Clinton currently has a total of 2,203 delegates, according to the New York Times.

“We firmly believe Secretary Clinton will be the strong environmental champion that we need to lead our country, which is why the Sierra Club is proud to endorse her and her vision for America,” Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune wrote in a statement.

Brune said Clinton could carry on President Obama’s environmental legacy and build upon advancements in cutting carbon pollution, moving away from fossil fuels and increasing clean energy deployment. He also congratulated Bernie Sanders and his campaign for drawing support to environmental issues.

“Together, Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton made this an election about the issues and finding real solutions,” Brune wrote. “Solutions like protecting our oceans and public lands from fossil fuel development; rejecting dangerous trade deals such as the Trans Pacific Partnership; and transitioning onto 100% clean, renewable energy.”

Brune also slammed presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for being “reckless and misinformed” and calling climate change a hoax.

“Trump claims he’ll protect clean air and water but has pledged to dismantle the EPA,” Brune wrote. “He offers vague promises to create jobs but would stifle growth in wind and solar, which are among the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy.”

“The gap on environmental and climate issues between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump is the largest in U.S. political history,” he added.

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