Sierra Club Unveils Voter Guide for Climate Change Voters

The Sierra Club on Friday launched an online guide intended to inform voters on presidential and congressional candidates’ stance on climate change and promote Sierra Club endorsements.

The Sierra Club voter guide labels candidates as “climate champions” and “climate disasters.” Hillary Clinton, who has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, was labeled a climate champion, with the organization saying the former Secretary of State is “running on the strongest environmental platform of any presidential nominee in history.” The Sierra Club called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a climate disaster, calling out his promises to “cancel” the Paris Agreement and get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency.

“When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, the contrast between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could not be more stark, and the consequences could not be greater for our families and our future,” Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune said in a statement. “The choice is equally clear up and down the ballot, with climate champions and climate disasters running against one another in Senate and House races across the country.”

The Sierra Club has endorsed a number of state level candidates as well, including California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the Democratic candidate in her state’s Senate race; and Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The Sierra Club said the guide will be promoted to Sierra Club members and supporters and advertised to swing state voters with environmental interests.

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