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Anna covers brands for Morning Consult.

Finance Brief: Trump Open to Considering Corporate Tax Rate of 22 Percent

By Ryan Rainey and Anna Gronewold Government Brief President Donald Trump signaled that he’s now open to a 22 percent corporate tax rate instead of the 20 percent rate in the House- and Senate-passed measures. A higher rate could help bring in an estimated $200 billion in additional revenue, though some congressional Republicans have insisted that […]

Finance Brief: Week in Review & What’s Ahead

By Ryan Rainey and Anna Gronewold Week in Review Tax reform The Senate passed its sweeping tax overhaul bill by a 51-49 vote after changes were made to win over holdout Republican senators such as Susan Collins of Maine and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Those adjustments include adding a measure to stabilize health care insurance markets, allowing the […]

Finance Brief: Senate Tax Reform Debate Extended Over Deficit Worries

By Ryan Rainey and Anna Gronewold Government Brief Senate Republicans extended their debate on their tax bill into today after the Senate parliamentarian ruled against the use of a proposed “fiscal trigger,” which would have raised taxes if economic growth didn’t reach certain targets, a move designed to win over GOP senators concerned about the legislation’s […]

Finance Brief: Judge Allows Mulvaney to Run CFPB as Interim Director

By Ryan Rainey and Anna Gronewold Government Brief After President Donald Trump posted a tweet in which he accused Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) of being weak on illegal immigration and trying to raise taxes, the two Democratic leaders told Trump that they would not attend a meeting at the White House […]

Finance Brief: 2 GOP Senate Budget Committee Members Signal Possible Vote Against Tax Bill

By Ryan Rainey and Anna Gronewold Government Brief Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Bob Corker of Tennessee, both Republican members of the Senate Budget Committee, expressed opposition to the GOP tax reform bill as it’s currently written a day before today’s committee vote, which will determine whether the legislation moves forward. Corker said he is concerned about expanding […]