Amir Nasr

Tech Brief: Week in Review & What’s Ahead

As the Federal Communications Commission prepares to vote on Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to begin undoing the agency’s 2015 net neutrality rules on May 18, reactions will continue to pour in through formal filings with the commission and pressure from outside advocacy groups.

Lawmakers Question FBI Push to Keep Surveillance Powers

In Senate Judiciary Committee testimony Wednesday, Comey pushed for reauthorization of a surveillance provision the intelligence community views as a vital counterterrorism tool — despite a recent signal from a key House member suggesting reform will be necessary before the provision is extended past its expiration date at the end of the year.

Tech Brief: Trump Establishes American Technology Council

President Donald Trump signed an executive order establishing the American Technology Council, which intends to unite leading government officials with Silicon Valley’s top minds to “transform and modernize” the federal government’s approach to information. Trump plans to meet with top tech executives in early June.

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