Amir Nasr

Lawmakers Question FBI Push to Keep Surveillance Powers

In Senate Judiciary Committee testimony Wednesday, Comey pushed for reauthorization of a surveillance provision the intelligence community views as a vital counterterrorism tool — despite a recent signal from a key House member suggesting reform will be necessary before the provision is extended past its expiration date at the end of the year.

FCC’s Plan to Reverse Net Neutrality Reignites Legislative Debate

Top GOP lawmakers involved in telecommunications policy are calling on congressional Democrats and Republicans to draft bipartisan legislation that would maintain the principles of an open internet following Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s announcement Wednesday that the agency will take steps to reverse its 2015 net neutrality rules.

FCC Set to Vote on Business Data Services Deregulation Move

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposed rules to deregulate the business data services market are still scheduled for a vote at the agency’s open meeting on Thursday, despite calls for delay from the tech industry, Democrats in Congress and the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy.