Anna Yukhananov

Baby Boomers Prize the Classics

When the oldest workers think about their favorite companies, they picture classic American brands that hark back to the country’s manufacturing golden days.

Campbell’s Generation Gap

Some tastes may be for the ages, but your grandmother’s chicken soup may stay just hers. Campbell Soup makes perhaps America’s most iconic version of the soothing food, memorialized in Andy Warhol’s portrayal of the red-and-white cans in 1962. But the brand’s future may see it consigned to nostalgia.

Some Scandals Matter (United), Some Don’t (Uber)

There’s Twitter storms, and then there’s real scandals. Public opinion can be as fickle as the wind, buffeted by the misstep of the day, then returning to its long-term trend. But the cases of Wells Fargo and United Airlines show brand damage can linger after companies botch core areas affecting their customers.

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