Claire Williams



Claire is a reporter at Morning Consult covering financial regulation.

Morning Consult Finance: House Democrats Said to Be Drafting Bill to Prevent Large Tech Companies from Issuing Digital Currencies

By Claire Williams Top Stories Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee are circulating a proposal that would bar large technology companies such as Facebook Inc. from behaving like financial institutions or issuing digital currencies, according to a copy of the draft legislation. While the legislation, which proposes a $1 million daily fine for rule […]

Morning Consult Finance: Week in Review & What’s Ahead

By Claire Williams Week in Review Libra President Donald Trump criticized Facebook Inc.’s plan to create Libra, a digital currency, which would have “little standing or dependability,” while also weighing in on cryptocurrencies, saying they are “not money” and that their value is based on “thin air.”  Trump also said Facebook should seek a banking […]

Morning Consult Finance: France Approves Tax on Large Tech Companies After Trump Administration Announces Investigation

By Claire Williams Top Stories France has approved a tax on the revenues of some of the United States’ largest tech companies, including Facebook Inc. and Inc., shortly after the Trump administration ordered an investigation into the then-proposed tax that could result in tariffs on French goods. Yesterday, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said […]