Dan Leonard

Value: How It’s Defined and Measured Matters in the Health Care Debate

As I write this, the election has just wrapped up and prognosticators are trying to figure out what will define President-elect Trump’s health care policy and next steps. I’ll leave that to the pundits; even they deserve a mulligan on this. At the National Pharmaceutical Council, what we are trying to do is define best practices for understanding and defining value in health care.

Driving Health System Value Through Broader Access to Data

From Fitbits and electronic health records to insurance claims databases and IBM’s Watson, every day we capture an enormous quantity of health care data. The information that we can glean from this data can help us to manage our own health and fitness habits or recognize larger, population-scale health care trends. With greater access to […]

The Health Care Paradigm Shift: Moving From Volume to Value

Our health care payment and delivery systems have been shifting from volume-based to value-based care gradually over the past few years, and the movement received a big boost last month from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) when it announced plans to broadly implement value-based care in the next two years. How the […]