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Climate Rally Turnout Falls Flat, But Happiness Abounds

“Disappointing,” “scant,” and “probably not as big as they would have hoped for,” were a few ways activists gathered on the National Mall for a climate change protest described the turnout. Never mind the turnout, though. Thursday’s “Call to Moral Action for Climate Justice,” which took place during Pope Francis’ address to a joint-session of […]

Wyden Sees Tricky Path Forward on Energy Tax Credits

Sen. Ron Wyden offered a detailed but tricky path forward Tuesday on how to handle a major federal tax credit for solar power. The Oregon Democrat, who is at the forefront of energy tax issues, is confident that he can make progress on some of them. But he’s hedging about whether solar companies will achieve their most […]

Is Bernie Sanders A Deal-Maker?

In an address to a conservative audience at Liberty University last week, the self-described socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) spoke about the importance of finding “common ground.” But during his time in Congress, Sanders has built himself a mixed record of working across the aisle. “I came here today because I believe that it is […]

Lobbying Blitz Begins On Wind Tax Credit

Competing energy advocates are ramping up a messaging war over one of the biggest and oldest tax credits for renewable energy — wind. The lobbying blitz is aimed at a package of expiring tax provisions that Congress is likely to renew by the end of the year. One side — traditional energy advocates and conservative […]

Oil Export Dispute Could Mess Up Toxic Substances Debate

Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) wants to pair legislation that would lift the decades-old ban on oil exports with a bill to reform toxic substance laws, potentially mucking up the latter measure, which enjoys wide bipartisan support. The North Dakota Republican said Tuesday he wants to repeal the crude oil export ban. He said he is “pushing […]

Iran Deal Won’t Help Gas-Tax Lovers

A new Iranian nuclear pact will enable Iran to flood world markets with millions of barrels of crude oil per day. That could put downward pressure on gas prices in the United States, but it won’t help lawmakers who want to raise the federal gas tax. Iranian sanctions are slated to be lifted around the […]

Oil Exports Could Become Energy Bargaining Chip

Momentum is building in Congress to repeal the antiquated ban on exporting crude oil.  Lawmakers and energy industry representatives are talking about other energy policies that could be swapped or combined to achieve that objective. Renewable energy tax credits are part of the equation. The talks come as the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Energy […]

Energy Bill’s Plan B: The Portman-Shaheen Bill

Humble as it is, an energy efficiency bill by Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D–N.H.) and Rob Portman (R–Ohio) may be the only energy bill still alive at the end of the year. Their bill, which would bolster energy efficient technologies in buildings and manufacturing companies, is Plan B in case a bigger Senate energy bill fails. The broader energy bill puts […]

Tax Extenders, Toxic Substances Bills Dominate Fall Energy Agenda

The energy industry has two major pieces of legislation to watch this fall as Congress returns from its August recess — an “extenders” package of various expiring tax provisions and a toxic substances reform bill. These measures stand the best chance of getting debate time on the House and Senate floors. Sponsors of the Toxic […]

Industry Groups Seek to Douse Fire Over Furnace Rule

The bipartisan popularity of a Senate energy bill could erode if energy efficiency groups and natural gas and appliance lobbies can’t reach agreement on furnace rules. Stakeholders on both sides want to amend the bill’s current language that would put the brakes on federal efficiency standards for home furnaces. But they haven’t yet agreed on […]