David Balto

David Balto served as policy director at the Federal Trade Commission and as an antitrust attorney in the Justice Department’s antitrust division.


Android Competition Allegations at Odds with Vibrant Mobile Competition Today

The European Commission’s antitrust allegations against Google’s Android platform has brought renewed attention to competition among internet and mobile services. But similar to previous claims made against Google’s search engine, the arguments put forward by complainants are at odds with what is happening in the marketplace. Mobile today is a market driven by vibrant competition, […]

Bringing the FCC Back to Legal Reality

  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has just begun a major new effort to regulate the market for TV and video.  The government is saying that its proposed Allvid regulations will merely create more competition for set top boxes used with pay TV systems. Sounds simple enough.  But then why are programmers, analysts and others […]

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