B. Dan Berger

Congress Should Repeal the Durbin Amendment on Debit Card Transactions

Policymakers in Washington regularly trigger the law of unintended consequences, hurting the very people they profess to help. A prime example is the Durbin Amendment, a last-minute addition to the Dodd-Frank Act that placed the Federal Reserve in charge of pricing debit-card transactions and established new rules for how those transactions are routed.

A Credit Union Industry Letter to President Donald Trump

I write to you today on behalf of the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions, the only trade association exclusively representing the interests of our nation’s federally-insured credit unions at the federal level. We would like to thank you for your focus on small businesses, jobs, and the economy as well as your commitment to reduce our nation’s regulatory burden.

Congress Can Prove Its Mettle by Standing Up for Consumers

One area that we can all agree needs improvement is data security. Of particular concern is the rampant growth of new retail data breaches, which have become all too regular. The nation’s data security standards must be improved to address this trend, and fortunately, we have a great foundation to build upon.

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