Emily Holden

In Gas States, Voters Want State Fracking Regulations

As natural gas drillers move into more communities around the country, a Morning Consult poll shows that voters who live closest to the activity are more likely to want states, rather than the federal government, to regulate hydraulic fracturing. That’s where natural gas companies would prefer to battle out the issue too. Environmental advocates have […]

From Trash to Renewable Energy

King George, Va.— As train cars loaded with trash roll in to the King George Landfill, they aren’t just delivering waste. They are also carrying the goods that could help the state inch towards Obama administration’s carbon emissions standards. It’s counterintuitive, but from this trash comes renewable energy. Underground pipes at the landfill are pumping […]

States Suing to Stop CO2 Cuts Prep For Them Anyway

Climate Central’s Bobby Magill reports that some of the more than a dozen states challenging the EPA’s proposal are preparing compliance options just in case. “What we’re seeing, not at the political level or the gubernatorial level, but in the trenches, there’s a huge effort to make this program work,” said Bill Becker, executive director […]

States agree: EPA should give credit for early CO2 reductions

SNL’s Eric Wolff reports that states for and against the EPA’s carbon emissions proposal agree that they should get more credit for early action. Against a backdrop of two new reports showing a record amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide and the impact of global warming on the natural world, a House panel heard testimony from […]

House Energy Testimony from Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Chairman David W. Danner (Sept. 9, 2014)

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Chairman David W. Danner told the House Energy and Power Subcommittee that the proposal gives state flexibility. Washington’s electricity sector has a relatively small carbon footprint compared to other states, but that does not mean that Washington got off easily. EPA assigned Washington the highest percentage reduction target of any state, 72 […]

House Energy Testimony from Indiana Department of Environmental Management Commissioner Thomas Easterly (September 9, 2014)

Easterly told the Energy and Power Subcommittee that the proposal could make electricity more expensive, meaning Indiana’s manufacturing industry might be driven out of the state. He argued U.S. carbon emissions would decline but international emissions would increase as a result. More than 80 percent of Indiana’s power comes from coal. See his full testimony […]