George David Banks

Executive Vice President, American Council for Capital Formation

George David Banks is Executive Vice President of the American Council for Capital Formation.

America Needs a Dealmaker Like Tillerson in the State Department

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson’s view of global politics has been shaped by running one of the world’s largest, most sophisticated companies. With operations on six continents, Tillerson has had to strike deals and manage complex relations with dozens of countries and a wide range of leaders, based on pragmatism and mutually beneficial economic agreements.

More Iran Nuclear Deals Likely Without U.S. Nuclear Energy Renaissance

  The recent announcement that Exelon, a leading U.S. utility, plans to shutter two of its nuclear power plants is a harbinger of things to come.  As the U.S. nuclear sector continues to decline in part because of distorted electricity markets, so too is America’s ability to shape the global nonproliferation regime. Against this dire […]

Washington’s Energy Test

   The shale revolution has put the United States in a position to become one of the great power players in world energy markets, generating tremendous economic and national security improvements. Yet a major obstacle must be removed first. Surprisingly, it was not thrown up by Russia or China or Iran, but by our own […]

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