Isak Kvam

Communications and Policy Associate, Wind on the Wires

Isak Kvam is a communications and policy associate at Wind on the Wires.

DOE Grid Study Highlights Wind’s Benefits, Need for Transmission

The long-anticipated Department of Energy electricity grid reliability study finally came out and addressed how to best ensure a reliable power source for American families and businesses. A few key insights from the report highlight that wind energy makes the electric grid more reliable, and that additional investment in transmission lines is essential to unlocking more renewables across the nation.

Wind Energy Is a Jobs and Economic Engine

President Donald Trump speaks often, and passionately, about bringing jobs (especially manufacturing jobs) back to America. Wind energy is and will continue to be an important driver of the growth in American manufacturing and other family-supporting jobs across this nation.

Wind Energy Boasts Bipartisan Support

With the 2016 election at the forefront of our media and our politicians divided over important issues such as the economy, national security, the justice system and so much more, it’s gratifying to find one thing parties from both sides of the aisle can agree on: wind energy. Wind power has bipartisan support from governors, members […]

Transmission Essential for Robust Electric Grid

Across the country, large corporations, utilities, and ordinary folks have embraced clean energy – and for very good reasons; but there is still not a lot of love for the transmission needed to bring renewables to the grid. The United States has a long history of building energy infrastructure to better serve our energy needs. […]