Ipsita Smolinski

A New, Republican CMMI?

As the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act winds its way through Congress, one of the more popular parlor games in Washington these days is guessing what a post-ACA world will look like.

Drug Pricing in a Trump America

The pharmaceutical industry breathed a sigh of relief when Donald Trump was declared the next president of the United States. While not a wholly known entity, the devil the industry knew was a lot scarier than the devil it didn’t know. Hillary Clinton had spelled danger.

The Public Plan Endgame

In the face of rising premiums and carrier exodus from markets across the country, leading Democrats and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have expressed support for a public plan option for health insurance. Supporters say that a government-run plan would provide stability to the fragile – many would say “failing” – state health insurance exchanges.

Can 21st Century Cures Get a Fair Shake in an Election Year?

The 21st Century Cures Act is an amalgam of ideas with one objective: improving the laborious process of moving medical innovation from the lab to patients’ bedsides. Two years in the making, this bipartisan effort — like any other in Washington — has been amended by compromise and political expedience.

Value Frameworks Are Expanding For Drugs & Devices

  There’s no question many cancer drugs and specialty pharmaceuticals are expensive, and their benefits often vary from patient to patient. Several years ago, a number of non-government organizations (NGOs) began launching “value frameworks” to help patients and payers decipher which drugs and devices may be most beneficial – and to provide guidance on appropriate […]