John Castellani

Sunrise in South Dakota

Last year, I met a South Dakotan who’d been diagnosed with late stage lung cancer back in 2009. A non-smoker, he was told by his doctors that the average life expectancy for a patient like him wasn’t more than five years – probably even less. Six years of treatment later and in remission, Matt smiled […]

Defending Carolyn – and 37 Million Other Americans Like Her

Carolyn Hill suffers from high cholesterol, high blood pressure and low calcium. But “I don’t let it stop me,” she told one of my colleagues. “I just take my medicine and keep going.” Carolyn has access to these prescriptions thanks to biopharmaceutical innovation and Medicare Part D, the government program providing affordable access to prescription […]

Unintended Consequences: Threatening Progress for Patients

The United States leads the world in medical innovation because we have a health care system that recognizes and rewards risk-taking in the pursuit of healthier, more productive lives for patients. As a result, HIV/AIDS death rates are down nearly 85 percent, cancer death rates have declined 22 percent since their peak in 1991 and […]

Working to Make Longer Life Even Longer

In 1900, you could expect to live to around age 31. By 2010, you could expect more than twice as long a life – longer than 67 years. A lot has changed in the last century, but much of the astounding increase in life expectancy can be attributed to improvements in global public health. And […]

America’s Patients Benefit From Strong Patents

Congress continues wrestling with legislation intended to stop abusive practices by so-called patent trolls – those financial mischief-makers who abuse loopholes in patent law to get rich at the detriment of scientific progress. It’s critical that Congress get this legislation right. And America’s biopharmaceutical industry is committed to working with Congress and others to help […]

Congress Must Protect American Innovators

The U.S. patent system is the critical legal shield protecting medical innovations as they make their way from America’s labs to the patients in every state who need, want and deserve them. Patents are one reason why U.S. HIV/AIDS death rates are down 83 percent from their peak in the early 1990s. They’re why cancer […]

How to Get Payment Reforms Right

Right now, policymakers and payers are chasing an elusive target: how to pay for health care based on cost and quality, rather than quantity, as much of health care is today. The goals in this pursuit are admirable: healthier patients and a stronger health care system. America’s biopharmaceutical companies share these goals and are working […]

Stop Discriminating Against America’s Patients

Last year, I wrote in this space about mounting evidence that many patients with health insurance purchased on the exchange were having trouble getting the lifesaving medicines they needed because of high out-of-pocket costs and restrictions in prescription drug coverage. At the time, a report from the actuaries at Milliman, Inc. found for Silver plans […]

America Should Vaccinate Now

The debate over the importance of vaccinations obscures who is most at risk from the potentially deadly diseases vaccinations protect against: America’s children and our family and friends living with compromised immune systems. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America urges the nation’s parents to get timely vaccinations for their children as the best way […]