Jonathan Spalter

Red, White, Blue and Smart: Wireless Gets into the Competitive Spirit

As all eyes descend on Rio, much attention will be paid to Michael Phelps’ return to the pool, gymnast Simone Biles’ quest for all-around Olympic gold and Carmelo Anthony’s pursuit, up and down the courts, of a third trip to the top of the medal stand. Our wireless devices also will get a workout. Mobile data traffic in Rio […]

A Roadmap for Broadband Privacy

  This week, committees in the House and Senate will hold hearings on key technology issues, including the FCC’s proposed privacy rules the agency is seeking to impose on broadband providers. While all will agree about the importance of protecting consumer privacy online, I expect there will be ample debate about the best approach to […]

A Mandate for Unity on Our 5G Future

  With the next generation of wireless networks on the horizon and the global race to trail blaze this next wireless frontier well underway, the Obama Administration is taking decisive, necessary steps to ensure the U.S. remains atop the technology leaderboard. Just this week, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler addressed the National Press […]

Free Data Options Open Opportunities for Low-Income Households

Are free data options a good thing for American consumers? I guess it depends on whether you ask consumers or advocates. For some in Washington D.C.’s rarified, digital, public interest policy elite, the very idea that mobile innovators would offer creative new low-cost or no-cost data service to consumers is a bad thing. New free […]

A Uniform Gold Standard for Protecting Consumer Privacy Online

  Last week, the Federal Communications Commissionventured into uncharted territory with a proposed new privacy framework for America’s digital consumers.  Internet users want — and deserve — to know their private information is safe and secure, but we also want – and deserve – privacy regimes that are as smart as the consumers they are […]

Too Smart to Fail

Monday marked the 20th anniversary of President Bill Clinton signing into law the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which still governs how we talk, text and connect today — increasingly over our smart devices. At the time, the call for change was backed by the rallying cry that “it’s time for the laws to catch up with our […]

Opening Up the Spectrum Pipeline

With the stage almost set for a successful – and potentially record-shattering – auction of broadcast TV spectrum early next year, an important Senate hearing this week wisely drew the focus of policymakers and industry alike back to the big picture— designing a reliable spectrum pipeline that will continue to fuel the nation’s transition to […]