Kelley Welf

Wind Energy Is a Jobs and Economic Engine

President Donald Trump speaks often, and passionately, about bringing jobs (especially manufacturing jobs) back to America. Wind energy is and will continue to be an important driver of the growth in American manufacturing and other family-supporting jobs across this nation.

Wind Energy Plays a Part in Making America Great

A long, and sometimes painful, election cycle is now behind us. As we take a collective breath to absorb the outcome and ponder how renewable energy will fare under the Trump administration, we can breathe easy knowing that wind energy is an American success story.

Wind Energy Pays It Forward

Doesn’t it feel great to get a good deal? It’s so gratifying to get something that you really want or need for a great price. Well, good deals abound in the wind energy arena right now. Wind is 66 percent cheaper than it was just six years ago, thanks to technological advances that make harvesting […]

Clean Air For All – Brought To You By Wind Energy

I’m lucky.  No one in my immediate family suffers from a chronic respiratory disease that makes breathing difficult, like asthma.  But I do know a lot of other people who suffer from such illnesses, and I bet you do, too. Air quality affects everyone, but especially those with respiratory conditions, the elderly and children. That’s […]

Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs: Available Today in the Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy is here to stay.  According to a Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance report, solar and wind power accounted for 68 percent of new capacity in 2015, representing the largest source of new electrical power added to the grid. Wind energy was the number one source of new electricity […]

No Surprise: Wind Energy is Cheap and Reliable

Reliability and cost: these are the top two things that grid operators, utilities and consumers think about most when it comes to our nation’s electric system.  Thanks to some amazing innovations in wind turbine technology in recent years, wind energy is growing rapidly, increasingly becoming an important part of our electric mix. The Midcontinent Independent System […]