Kyle Dropp

Cofounder & Chief Research Officer

Kyle Dropp is the Cofounder & Chief Research Officer at Morning Consult.

Study: Phrasing Does Little to Affect Public Sentiment on Travel Ban

Polls have shown varying levels of support for President Donald Trump’s controversial, stalled executive order temporarily banning refugees and citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. A new Morning Consult study shows that how questions were phrased on the issue does little to affect voter sentiment.

How We Conducted Our ‘Shy Trumper’ Study

Are there “shy Trump” voters? It’s a question that many have asked since Morning Consult released a blockbuster study during the primaries that showed GOP voters were less likely to say they support Donald Trump to a live interviewer than via a self-administered interview online. But will “shy Trumpers” play a large factor in the general election?

How We Determined Our 2016 Likely Voter Model

For those who follow Morning Consult’s election polling, you may have noticed something different about our results today. We have shifted to likely voters. Through the election, Morning Consult will release likely voters results along with the broader registered voter population. Most pollsters do not release details describing how they created their likely voter model, which can make it […]

Why Donald Trump Performs Better in Online Polling

Republicans are more likely to say they want Donald Trump in the White House if they are taking a poll online versus in a live telephone interview. And, if you’re a highly-educated or engaged Republican voter, it turns out that you’re far less likely to tell another human being you want Trump as president. That’s […]