Linda Moore

Two Years After OPM Cyberattack, More Must Be Done

The U.S. government is still woefully behind where we need to be. For example, some IT systems being used today to manage major government operations and data pre-date the Apollo moon landing in 1969. It is time to move beyond the IT status quo that federal agencies and departments are saddled with today.

A New Wave of Innovation and Job Creation

Yet, at a time when there is considerable economic uncertainty, more can and should be done to ensure that the benefits of innovation extend to more places across America. The question is what should be done?

The Question That Should Be Asked at the GOP Debate… But Probably Won’t Be

There are dozens of important questions that should be asked of the Republican candidates running for president when they take the stage Thursday in Cleveland, including their views on immigration, taxes, trade and the Iran nuclear agreement. But when it comes to ensuring U.S. global competitiveness for the next two decades, there is no question more important than this: How […]

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