Mike Wendy

Bots Lose, Real Americans Win With the Internet Policy Debate

According to data gathered from the Federal Communication Commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System, approximately 22 million comments have flowed into the agency’s Restoring Internet Freedom proposal — a rulemaking seeking to modify the 2015 Commission’s controversial Title II net neutrality order. But there’s a hitch. Millions, that is. It seems the majority of those comments […]

Pushing the Gas on Mobile Technology

The less-buzzed-about but critically important part of the Internet of Things is the industrial IoT. This is the future connected world that will transform transportation, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and several other industries.

FTC Qualcomm Suit Should Go Forward to Deter Broader Global Regulation

As a staunch supporter of markets, I rarely support government intervention, but this case is different. Technology, competition and voluntary, non-governmental standards groups do a tremendous job of keeping the government at bay. This formula has led to incalculable consumer and societal benefits for the world. But Qualcomm has continually gamed the rules, fouling the ecosystem’s intricate balance.

Time Has Come for Spectrum Coexistence in U.S.

Over two-thirds of Americans have a smartphone. This affordable, powerful and convenient technology has revolutionized how we communicate with the world like no other technology before it. But its popularity has put tremendous pressure on the wireless networks that make those phones (and other mobile technology) work, too.