Reid Wilson


Previewing Tuesday’s Kentucky, Oregon Primaries

As Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton closes in on her party’s presidential nomination, voters in Oregon and Kentucky look likely to give her a boost Tuesday — though Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) could claim a moral victory by extending his winning streak in two states seemingly made for a liberal populist.

Campaigns Brief: Who Doesn’t Love a Good Scandal?

In today’s edition: House Dems expand the map; Trump challenges Ryan’s vision for GOP; Rhode Island struggles through ethics scandals; McGinty replaces campaign manager; Portman reserves $15 million (!) in airtime; and Facebook Friday! House Dems Target 14 More Seats The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced Friday it is adding 14 candidates to its list […]

Campaigns Brief: All Politics Is Local. For Now.

In today’s edition: Charlie Baker and Larry Hogan most popular governors; Brownback, Malloy least popular; local issues dominate early Senate spending; Bera’s father pleads guilty to campaign finance scheme; Cruz running for re-election in 2018; and Sarah Palin isn’t coming through on her threats to Paul Ryan. America’s Most, and Least, Popular Governors Among all […]

Campaigns Brief: Why the GOP Fears Trump’s Down-Ballot Impact

In today’s edition: GOP senators ignore Trump, but down-ballot candidates could feel the sting; why early shock polls aren’t so shocking; Dems pick gubernatorial nominee in West Virginia; millions pour into state Supreme Court fight. Trump’s Down-Ballot Impact Nearly half of American voters say they are less likely to support candidates for public office if […]

Campaigns Brief: Take Me Home, Country Roads

In today’s edition: West Virginia’s primary hints at why Trump, Sanders are overperforming; Sanders likely to win Tuesday’s primary; how Paul Ryan gave the GOP some cover; and Dems will pressure GOP over Trump meeting this week. Next on Primary Calendar: West Virginia, Nebraska At a moment in politics when changing demographics are moving swing […]

Campaigns Brief: America’s Creaky Voting System

In today’s edition: Litigation raises worries of voter confusion in November; Dems lead W.Va. governor’s race; Calif. will vote on marijuana legalization; Ga. governor vetoes campus carry bill; Colo. Supreme Court rules against fracking bans; and the candidate who wants to build a 30-story water slide in Portland. Primary Season Hints at Nov. Election Trouble […]

Primaries, Litigation Hint at Possible Election Day Chaos

Voters in Maricopa County, one of the nation’s largest counties, were forced to wait up to five hours to cast a ballot in Arizona’s March primary. Confusion over new rules governing provisional ballots in North Carolina led to more than 1,000 legitimate votes being discarded in that state’s primary. And in New York City, 125,000 […]

Campaigns Brief: Dem Primary Shows a Party Moving Left

In today’s edition: How the Democratic Party is moving to the left; why Donald Trump helps Loretta Sanchez; Ashooh gets head-to-head fight with Rep. Guinta; and two potential Republican gubernatorial candidates opt out of Virginia, New York bids. The Democratic Electorate is Moving Left Eight years ago, Democratic voters nominated one of the more progressive […]

Democratic Primary Shows a Party Moving Left

While analysts have focused on the growing share of conservatives and those who identify themselves as supporters of the tea party movement within the Republican electorate, there is a similar seismic shift on the Democratic side.

Campaigns Brief: How Donald Trump Won

In today’s edition: Donald Trump, presidential nominee; how he won; GOP anger doesn’t extend to down-ballot candidates; House Dems make initial ad buys; HB2 sends McCrory’s poll numbers falling; Tiberi interested in 2018 Senate bid. How Donald Trump Won Billionaire businessman Donald Trump all but secured the Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday, collecting at least […]