Robert Popovian

The Facts Are Getting in the Way of a Good Story

As the great Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” Finally, the facts, in the form of data released in several new studies and systematic analytical reviews, are undermining the narrative that drug costs have been the main driver of rising health care expenditures and insurance premiums.

Five Important Questions on Health Care Costs

No one disputes that addressing ever-increasing health care costs in the United States is an important societal and policy goal. The rise in out-of-pocket costs leaves patients and families vulnerable to significant financial hardship. Ultimately, the solution is to evaluate and reward the most cost-beneficial interventions in health care. Unfortunately, policymakers today are deluged with an array of incomplete or biased set of data points which may lead them to draw incorrect conclusions that could possibly hinder the development of biopharmaceutical cures of the future.

In Drug Development, It’s About Time

  When considering the cost and value of innovative pharmaceuticals, one critical factor often overlooked is the impact of “time” at every stage of biopharmaceutical research. First, consider that biopharmaceutical research most often evolves in three stages. Stage one is when scientists discover and develop a molecule. Companies spend billions of dollars comparing the novel […]

No Substitute for Better Study to Protect Patients

  It’s baseball season so it seems timely to cry foul on the practice of therapeutic substitution, as well as a recent study encouraging its use. Every day, healthcare professionals observe first-hand how diagnostic and dispensing decisions are often influenced by external cost-control measures. Whether it is through a step therapy protocol, a fail first […]